SQIFF 2018

SQIFF “Bodies and Borders” Program

Thrilled to share that my collaboration with Patricia Silva has been chosen for SQIFF 2018 in their Bodies and Borders program!

The most urgent issues surrounding identity and oppression revolve around bodies and borders. In Being Okey, a gay Nigerian man is denied asylum in Switzerland and consequently caught between the constant fear of being sent home and hope of a life in safety. ABEO is an animation by Latinx artist Brenda M. Lopez Zepeda depicting the journey of two immigrants risking their lives to cross the Arizona desert. My Shoreline is an experimental film-poem about a disabled queer body in water, and My Own Wings documents intersex people from around the world. Working class queer bodies and class borders are forefronted in Krissy Mahan’s All in a Day’s Work and the implication of supposed sexual boundaries is explored in Patricia Silva’s bisexual ode, A Feeling More Than a Picture. Finally, legendary lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer’s new short, Evidentiary Bodies, is a plea for empathy and compassion generated through the viewing of other beings.

Recent Screenings – Summer – Fall 2018

Hello! I’m happy to say that my movie MY AUNT MAME will be shown as part of the 2018 2nd Annual Trans Stellar Film Festival in Detroit, MI on September 28-29, 2018

Recent Screenings

My Aunt Mame was selected to the 31st annual All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival (aGLIFF), taking place September 6-9, 2018 in Austin, TX, in the Dramatic Shorts program.

Queer Access Film Festival Berlin

Queer Access Film Festival
Aug 30 – Aug 31, 2018 Suedblock
Skalitzer Straße 6, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland

QAFF, the first Queer Access Film Festival, is an invitation to experience films with and from queer filmmakers with and without disabilities.

DAY 1 – on Thursday, August 30th, we’ll offer a range of short films and the audience-including Expert-Talk “The Democratization of Desire”.
DAY 2 – on Friday, August 31th, we’ll show three longer movies: “The Blue Wonder” by Uschi Bökesch und “No Day without Love” by Ines de Nil. The filmmakers will be present and available for a Q&A.. The festival closes with “Yes! We Fuck” von Antonio Canteno & Raul de la Morena. (My film “Faggotgirl Gets Busy In The Bathroom” was commissioned specifically as the short film to precede “Yes, We Fuck” when it was shown at Wotever DIY Film Fest 2016).

October – November 2018

Hello Friends! It is with a grateful and joyous heart that I am writing about the places my films will be shown this Oct – Nov. I am pleased that some movies that haven’t been shown much are getting out there to do their work. Here’s the schedule:

October 11th 6:30 LIKE A RIOT opens Gender Reel 8th Annual Twin Cities Film Festival at Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, Minnesota).

October 18th 20:15 FAGGOTGIRL GETS BUSY IN THE BATHROOM, as part of the Unashamed Claim To Beauty programme, plays in Hamburg at the Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg | International Queer Film Festival, in Kino 3.

November 3rd 6pm CAROL screens at the 2018 Toronto Queer Film Festival at OCAD University.

Tuesday November 6th at 7:30pm (Election Day) Pride Film Festival in Chicago: Pride Arts Center at 4139 N. Broadway The theme is “Queer Survival: Art & Activism Will Set Us Free.”  “Faggotgirl In Winter” will be shown. 





Monthly PRIDE FILM FESTIVAL returns on Tuesday, November 6

Election night special program on theme “Queer Survival: Art & Activism Will Set Us Free”


Pride Films and Plays’ monthly festival of LGBTQ independent short films will return for its second season on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Ten films chosen from over 120 entries will be screened. In honor of the screening date on Election Day, this inspiring 71-minute program will explore LGBTQ citizen activism. Through dance, food, humor, protest, and the medium of film itself, taking back power happens in large and small ways in this night’s theme, “Queer Survival: Art & Activism Will Set Us Free.”’

The screening will be held in The Broadway, Pride Arts Center, 4139 N. Broadway, Chicago, beginning at 7:30 pm.

Click here for full gallery of photos, or on individual images to access high res files.


November 9th 7pm MY AUNT MAME screens at the Woodbury Queer International Film Festival, at TikiTiki. 

November 17th 21:00 GLOUCESTER CITY, MY TOWN plays in the London Fringe! Film Festival at the Hackney House.

And another glorious festival is on the horizon…

Autumn 2018 Screenings

Hello! I’m happy to say that my movie MY AUNT MAME will be shown as part of the 2018 2nd Annual Trans Stellar Film Festival in Detroit, MI on September 28-29, 2018, held at Cinema Detroit.

AND my parody movie CAROL will be shown at the 2018 Toronto Queer Film Festival. I am so happy and proud! Thank you to everyone who has supported my films through the years.

My Aunt Mame selected for 2018 AGLIFF

It is with great joy that I can share that My Aunt Mame was selected as one of eight dramatic shorts to be shown in Austin at 31st annual All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival (aGLIFF), taking place September 6-9, 2018 in Austin, TX.

What was surprising to me is that it was chosen for the Dramatic Shorts program, not the animation or the comedy programs. This is big news.


“BODIES OF WATER” D: David Lykes Keenan, USA, 14 min
“MY AUNT MAME” D: Krissy Mahan, USA, 8 min
“POP ROX” D: Nate Trinrud, USA, 13 min
“PRE-DRINK” D: Marc-Antoine Lemire, Canada, 23 min
“THERE YOU ARE” D: Lisa Donato, USA, 16 min
“ZERO ONE” D: Nick Neon, UK, 24 min (world premiere)

Tales From The Margins – UK Television Interview

Tales From The Margins is a program hosted by Dr. Prof. Rainer Schulze (Prof (em) Mod Europ History @Uni_of_Essex. Holocaust in History&Memory. Trustee @WiseThoughts. Tales from the Margins @latestlgbtplus. Acad Advis Panel @LGBTHM) on TheLatestTV.

I was included in two broadcasts this July. The links to the trailers are below.

Broadcast on July 2, 2018 (rebroadcast July 6).
TALES FROM THE MARGINS: “Different Kinds of Bodies” – three short films about intersections of queerness and dis/ability:
9pm UK time, Latest TV, livestream at http://www.thelatest.co.uk/latest-tv/
#LGBTQ #film #disability #disABLED

Here is the trailer:

Broadcast on July 9, 2018 (rebroadcast July 13).
Here is the trailer:

Tales From The Margins

London Post-Pride Celebration 2018

On 14 July 2018, PositiveEast and ELOP LGBT Mental Health and Well-Being are hosting an empowering day of fun, acceptance, workshops, Indian head massages, sexual health advice and information, HIV/STI testing. lunch refreshments and short films.
The films being show are the queer shorts that were selected for the 2017 Women Over 50 Film Festival, which My Aunt Mame was proudly part of.
LYING WOMEN by Deborah Kelly
DAYS OF AWE by Rehana Rose
My Aunt Mame by Krissy Mahan

Queer/ing Film Festivals: History, Theory, Impact by Dr. Leanne Dawson and Skadi Loist

Queer/ing Film Festivals: History, Theory, Impact Leanne Dawson & Skadi Loist


This article traces the history of queer film festivals, from their beginnings to the present day, while offering socio-political and cultural reasons for a range of trends in festival name, location, and programming choices, before outlining the relatively late emergence of Film Festival Studies, including queer festival studies, within Film Studies and Queer Studies in the academy. It then uses the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) as a case study to demonstrate the increasing focus on diversity and inclusivity in queer film festivals, especially more grass roots ones, and the social impact of this.

Summer 2018

Recent Screenings

Splice Film Festival, Erie, Pennsylvania
June 8 -1 0, 2018
Erie Movie House, Erie, PA

Dyke Drama Film Festival, Perth Australia
May 25 – May 26, 2018
The Backlot Perth, West Perth, Western Australia

Philadelphia Film Society presents the May 2018 Philly Filmmaker Showcase
An exhibition supporting new work by talented up-and-coming local filmmakers of all ages, level, and backgrounds complete with a post-screening Q&As with the filmmakers and talent.
Celebrate our talented local filmmakers each month during the Philly Film Showcase. PFS turns the Prince Theater Black Box into a venue for up-and-coming filmmakers of all ages, level, and backgrounds. Each Showcase is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and talent to elicit feedback from the audience.

An Unashamed Claim to Visibility: Shorts At The Intersection of Queerness and Disability
With Special Performance by Ebony Rose Dark
Presented by Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, Wotever DIY Film Festival and the Queer Film Network.Tour to three cities all with accessible screenings;
Brighton, Glasgow, London 2018
The Cinema Museum, London, UK

More Spring 2018 Showbiz

I am very proud of the places/kinds of screenings where my movies are being included in this spring. I want non-cinema people to see my movies. I make work about and for regular people, so we can see ourselves and our complicated funny lives on the silver (or small) screen. So look at this delicious list of where my work was/will be included: a feminist film fest, a zine fest, a community college in a poor rural area, a traveling festival of films at the intersection of queerness and dis/ability, an event for people with connections to the early stages of dementia, a home-grown lesbian festival in Australia, a festival in a former steel mill town, and a festival in rural Oklahoma, known only for the state penitentiary there. In writing this list, I realize these festivals make a portrait of me and my priorities. I am so grateful.
Here they are:
New York Feminist Film Week 2018, March 2018
Glasgow Zine Fest, March 2018
Camden County Community College Queer Feminist Film Night, March 2018
An Unashamed Claim To Visibility: short films at the intersection of queerness and dis/ability, April 2018
Women Over 50 at the Rainbow Cafe, May 2018
Philadelphia Film Society – Local Filmmaker Showcase, May 2018
Dyke Drama Film Fest, May 2018
Splice Film Festival, June 2018
Glitter! Film Festival, July 2018

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