Accessibility justice:
Faggotgirl Gets Busy In The Bathroom (2016)
Faggotgirl in Winter (2015)
Until Justice Rolls (2014)
Faggotgirl Doesn’t Do the MTA (2013)
Four Billion Reasons (2018)

Queer Health/Mental Health/Suicide:
It Gets Better, Rural Dykes! (2010)
My Crazy Boxers (2013)
Informe SIDA – How It Started
Monique C. (2006)

Like A Riot (2016)
Africana Studies and Research Center (2011)
Starlite Stays – 2/2/10 Rally in Crown Heights (2010)
Starlite Stays — 2/9/10 Rally in Crown Heights (2010)
A Survivor’s Account of the Bombing of Hiroshima (2002)

Classism Critique:
Carol (2016)
1987, Summer (2015)
My Crazy Boxers (2013)
My Aunt Mame (2017)
It Gets Better, Rural Dykes! (2010)
“half-breed / southern fried / check one” by Florinda Bryant (2007)

Gender Identity:
My Aunt Mame (2017)
My Crazy Boxers (2013)
When A Butch Dyke Dies (2013)
The Genesis of Butch & Femme (2015)
Gloucester City, My Town
It Gets Better, Rural Dykes! (2010)
A Dyke Does Her Laundry (2011)
Mickey or Minnie (2014)
Potato/Potato (2005)

Not One More Deportation (2014)
Faggotgirl Does Day Labor(2006)

Life in Post-Industrial Cities
Gloucester City, My Town (2012)
My Aunt Mame (2017)
My Hometown (2006)

Movies About Hooking Up With Women:
Faggotgirl Does The West Village (2009)
1987, Summer (2015)
Potato/Potato (2005)
Faggotgirl Does Austin (2004)

Victory! Put People First PA wins Insurance Premium Hearing (2016)
A Love Note To The People Of Pennsylvania (w/subtitles) (2016)

My Home Town, 2018 Glasgow Zine Fest, CCA Glasgow, UK
Faggotgirl Does The West Village, 2018 Glasgow Zine Fest, CCA Glasgow, UK
When A Butch Dyke Dies, 2018 Glasgow Zine Fest, CCA Glasgow, UK

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