Until Justice Rolls (2014)

Faggotgirl and her friend Robot try to get around NYC. The subway is not accessible for someone like Robot. It is even hard to walk or roll, because missing and damaged curb cuts make using the streets just as challanging.
Come on, New York, let’s do better than this.

Until Justice Rolls, 4min, USA, 2014

2018 AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario (Finalist)
2017 The Inaugural New York Feminist Film Week, Anthology Film Archives, NYC, USA
2016 Queers In The City,” Glasgow Media Action Center, Curated by Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland,
2015 “Street,” Union Docs, Curated by The New School, NYC, USA
2015 Gender Reel at NYU Tisch Film School, NYC, USA
2014 Wotever DIY Film Festival, The Cinema Museum, London, UK
2014 Wotever DIY Film Festival, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, UK
2014 The Bureau Of General Services Queer Division, “Queers Got Talent.” NYC, USA

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