Krissy Mahan creates and shares movies that use humor to address social issues such as accessibility, gender identity, mental health, immigration, and working class post-industrial cities. A passionate idealist with a flair for the fabulous, Dykeumentary films are included in international festivals/programs and community-based/educational settings.

An article i wrote thinking about abolitionist cinema has been published in MAI: FEMINISM & VISUAL CULTURE  a non-hierarchical journal open to multivalent feminist expression, research & critique of visual culture.

 Upcoming Screenings in 2020

My Crazy Boxers screenings:
November 19-30, 2020 qFLIX XL, the Philadelphia LGBT Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA.
November 19, 2020 Toronto Queer Film Festival Animation Screening, Toronto, Canada.
December 2nd to the 12th, 2020 Festival de films féministes de Montréal / Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Montreal, Canada.

Festival Des Cinemas Differents et Experimentaux De Paris included in Program #8 around the theme “Dialect/Cacolect, atypical uses of speech in experimental cinema” which well be held at the Forum des Images on Tuesday 13 October 2020, Paris, France.

Please visit my youtube channel to watch all my stuff for free.

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