Krissy Mahan creates and shares movies that use humor to address social issues such as accessibility, gender identity, mental health, immigration, and working class post-industrial cities. A passionate idealist with a flair for the fabulous, Dykeumentary films are included in international festivals/programs and community-based/educational settings.

Dykeumentary supports the cultural boycott of the state of Israel.  #BDS

Upcoming Screenings:


October 12, 2022 Queer Film Festival Munich, Munich, Germany

Mickey or Minnie

November 5, 2022 Leeds International Film Festival

Recent screenings:

Mickey or Minnie

August 6-7, 2022, FilmPride:  Brighton & Hove, UK.
June 19-26, 2022 QFlix Philadelphia,  Philadelphia, PA USA. Selected but the festival was cancelled
September 20, 2022 Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, London, UK.
June 10, 2022,  Splice Film Fest, Brooklyn, NY – Won Honorable Mention

My Crazy Boxers screenings:

September 28, 2022 GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Carol screenings:

2022 Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival, Toronto, Canada – Best Animation Award Winner
July 5, 2022 PRIDEFILM.online International Online Film Festival.

My Aunt Mame screenings:

August 28, 2022 San Francisco Queer Film Festival,  San Francisco, CA





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