Krissy Mahan creates and shares movies that use humor to address social issues such as accessibility, gender identity, mental health, immigration, and working class post-industrial cities. A passionate idealist with a flair for the fabulous, Dykeumentary films are included in international festivals/programs and community-based/educational settings.

Dykeumentary supports the cultural boycott of the state of Israel.  #BDS

Recent screenings:

November 15-29, 2021:  “Have You Ever Thought Why” is included in the Burnt https://burntfest.com/3-4/Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, based in Montreal, Canada.
Watch the program here, the programs are excellent.

November 24th – Sunday December 12th, 2021  Both “My Aunt Mame” and “My Crazy Boxers” were selected for the Gilbert Baker Film Festival. I’m really happy that these films have been received so positively.




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