Carol (2016)

Link to video here

Carol, 2016, 6 min 28 sec, USA

2024 Brighton International Animation Festival, Farbrica, Brighton, UK
2024 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, Grail Moviehouse, Asheville, NC, USA
2021 Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Prism 34, Austin, TX USA
2021 Wicked Queer, Boston’s LGBT+ Film Festival, Boston, MA, USA
2020 ReelQ Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2020 Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA, USA
2020 FilmPride Brighton, UK
2020 The Film Collective, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2019 Cinema Systers Film Festival, Paducah, KY
2019 Queers In Shorts, Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge, UK
2019 New York Feminist Film Week, NYC, USA
2018 Toronto Queer Film Festival, OCAD, Toronto, Canada
2018 Splice Film Festival, Erie, PA, USA
2018 Women Over 50 at The Rainbow Cafe, Brighton, UK
2017 Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, Festival Hub at Hackney Showroom, London, UK
2017 11th For Rainbow Festival of Sexual Diversity, Culture and Film, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
2017 ELOP Pride, Tower Hamlets History Library and Archives in partnership with FilmHubSE, London, UK
2017 Women Over 50 Film Festival, Shortwave Cinema, London, UK
2017 Whatashort Independent International Film Festival, New Dehli, India
2017 Older Women Rock! Creative Quarter Folkestone, Kent, UK
2017 Lesbian Lives Conference, University of Brighton, UK
2017 Women Over 50 Film Festival, BMECP Community Center, Brighton, UK
2016 Wotever DIY Film Festival, DIY Space for London, UK
2016 Women Over 50 Film Festival, Brighton, UK

Carol at Fringe! Film Fest 2017, London, UK
Read the interview here.
“This Carol parody is a simple yet spectacular class analysis of the desire in Todd Haynes’ already iconic Carol, using DIY techniques and Fisher Price toys to recreate the modern queer classic.”

“After watching your film I’ve been thinking about the sexiness of public toilets and how bad lovers they are, so thanks for making that film. I hope you don’t think we are some sort of stalkers but since we loved Faggot Girl we’d love to screen your clever and extremely funny parody of Carol.” Queers In Shorts – Cambridge

“OK, we’ve still got a way to go before our next Queers in Shorts but we couldn’t resist showing you this trailer for – how can we put this – a different take on the movie ‘Carol’. Produced by Krissy Mahan, who gave us the wonderful ‘Faggot Girl’, ‘Carol’ is joyful and satirical in equal parts.” — Queers In Shorts March 2019 programmers.
If you haven’t seen Haynes’ “The Karen Carpenter Story,” try to see it, I was directly referencing it in this parody of Carol.

An interview about Carol

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