My Crazy Boxers (2019)

MY CRAZY BOXERS | dir. Krissy Mahan | USA | 2019 | 9min
Suicidal – or just a working class queer caught in the wrong underpants? Pixellated fragments slowly materialise in this video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system.

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2023 2023 Baltic Circle Theatre Festival, Helsinki, Finland
2022 GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland
2021 Gilbert Baker International Queer Film Festival, online
2021 Le Mains Gauches, Marseilles, France
2021 Social Power & Mental Health Conference, University of Cambridge, UK
2021 Wicked Queer, Boston, MA, USA
2020 Montreal Feminist Film Festival | Festival de films, Montreal, Canada
2020 Queer Animations screening with Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
2020 Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris (FCDEP), Paris, France
2020 qFlix XL, Philadelphia and Worcester, MA, USA
2020 Yes! Let’s Make A Movie! Film Festival, Montreal, Canada. (selected, festival postp0ned)
2020 Splice Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY USA
2019 Festival de Saude Mental, Lisbon, Cinema City Alvalade, Portugal
2019 Fringe! London Film Festival, HATCH , London, UK
2019 Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland
2019 Trans Stellar Film Festival, Cinema Detroit, Detroit, MI, USA

An earlier (2011)  draft version of this film showed at:
2014 Wotever DIY Film Festival, The Cinema Museum, London, UK
2011 Gender Reel, Philadelphia, USA

(Original footage here)

Screener Link:

Director Statement:  One method to control populations is to use administrative violence is to pathologize difference and dissent. In this film, I reenact what actually happened to me in a psychiatric setting.  The clothes I wear provoked a very violent response by medical professionals – I was locked up and forced to take psychotropic medications. This film uses experimental visuals to highlight the insidiousness of the therapist’s words.

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