1987, Summer (2015)

What REALLY happened in Provincetown for a young butch at the Pied* in 1987. Lots of sex, softball and politics. While outside the club, the AIDS crisis was raging.  Who lived, who died, how did the survivors deal with it?

*The Pied Piper in the late 1980s was THE women’s dance club, located centrally and beach-side on Cape Cod, Nassachusetts.  For some people it was the first public place they ever danced with their same-gender partner.

1987, Summer, 6 min. 2015

2015 Inaugural Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, UK
2015 British Film Institute “Love” w/SQIFF presenting “Queer Women In Love” series, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, and The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK
2015 Wotever DIY Film Fest, The Cinema Museum, London, UK
2015 GenderReel, Minneapolis, Oakland, USA

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