Have You Ever Thought Why (2021)

Have You Ever Thought Why

dir: krissy mahan, 2 min, 2021. A meditation on aging and gender non-conformity.

Festival Screenings:

2021 FilmPride, Brighton & Hove, UK
2021 Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK
2021 QFlix, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Director Statement

“Have You Ever Asked Why” is a film about getting older. This is an experimental film that addresses society’s implied and overt judgement of my gender non-conforming body in my mid-50s. Strangers convey a mix of sympathy and curiosity when they interact with me, and the overall assessment is negative. I tried to capture this for the film. The film has burned-in captions and subtitles. This film was made as the final project for an editing class at the local community access television station.

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