February/March 2019 Showbiz News

February 21, 2019 Four Billion Reasons will be shown in Corvallis, Oregon as part of the Corvallis Queer Film Festival held at the Darkside Cinema.
Corvallis Queer Film Festival, Corvallis, Oregon

23 February 2019 Carol makes her QueerBee Film Festival debut in their FANTASY programme at Deptford (London, UK) cinema on Saturday  at 3pm
Cinema/tickets page: http://deptfordcinema.org/new-events/queerbeefest-fantasy
Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2321177251239574/

March 5-10, 2019 My parody of Carol opens the New York Feminist Film Week on March 5. The opening night film is  Bixa Travesty.  This festival is held at Anthology Film Archives. On March 6, my friend the filmmaker CampbellX will be recognized in an evening dedicated to his film work.  DES!RE (in which I appear)  will shown. On Friday March 8,  Patricia Silva and my collaborative film, All In A Day’s Work, screens on March 8th.
New York Feminist Film Week (NYC)

March 21-25, 2019 Four Billion Reasons proudly and triumphantly returns to one of the best, most progressive and trailblazingly accessible festivals – The Leeds Queer Film Festival, held at Live Art Bistro, Leeds.
Leeds Queer Film Fest (Leeds, UK)

March 21 2019 My parody of Carol will change the ways audiences view that dud on a night of a queer film night curated by Elmira and Ramona Zadissa, at the Arts Picture House Cambridge.
Queers In Shorts (Cambridge, UK)

March 2019 My Aunt Mame screens in their monthly curated film program held at Pride Films & Plays | Pride Arts Center.
Pride Films and Plays, Chicago


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