Wotever DIY Film Fest 2015 Opening Night Notes

FU377 dir. Neelu Bhuman, UK, 2014, 5:00
Stories of Our Lives dir, Jim Chuchu, Kenya, 2014 62:00

These two amazing films led off the festival and wow did they set a high bar for excellence and relevance. I’m thrilled I got to see them on a big screen, they are both absolutely compelling.

FU37 has wonderful animation and a lively story. I appreciated FU377 especially because it about a daughter and mother- and they are talking about their lives while world events are happening. I am very interested in figuring out ways to reach and politicize white working class people- and this movie is such an inspiration to me about how to be a daughter/filmmaker while staying a funny and beloved part of a community. I loved it.

“Stories Of Our Lives” is the reason to attend film festivals. Kenya is busy banning it, and I am so lucky I had a chance to see this powerful film. From the director Jim Chuchu “Created as part of the NEST Collective, Stories of our Lives is Jim Chuchu’s first feature film – consisting of five black-and-white vignettes: Duet, Run, Ask Me Nicely (Itisha Poa), Each Night I Dream, and Stop Running Away – that document the queer Kenyan experience.”
White people need to see this movie. And need to help get it widely distributed and give money to make more films like this.
After the screening, Tara Brown, a WDIYFF programmer and producer, led an insightful discussion with her guest Chardine Taylor-Stone. Their comments were BSL interpreted.

Tara Brown @tbirdFliesHigh is a queer poly black disabled fat femme cis feminist fangirl forever+ever. She is a director of Wotever DIY Film Festival and is co-runner of & Here Be Dragons (9Worlds) Film Festival.

Chardine Taylor-Stone is a writer, musician and activist. She was the program coordinator for Black British Feminism: Past, Present and Futures 2015 which attempted to trace black feminist legacies into the present and encourage a return to an activist centered movement.

Here is a link to the LondonLive spot they filmed at the opening night.

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