Thoughts on “1987, Summer”

A quick note on my movie “1987, Summer”
I wrote this movie in the spirit of hopefulness and healing. My collaborators know this- but now “1987” is being seen by people who don’t know anything about me. So I thought (for my own peace of mind) I’d share some thoughts. I didn’t intend this movie to just be a story about when I was young. It is part of my larger project to get working class white people to stop being tools of murderous power systems.
This movie shows where I started. I still struggle to identify and overcome my sexist, racist, classist, anti-immigrant lessons. I want people (like me) to see this and to notice where we still need to work, and how absurd those oppressive beliefs are. I want a social justice movement that includes and welcomes white working class people who can commit to healing. I want a movement that recognizes the misinformation they were taught, that recognizes the potential people have to heal, and can be open-hearted about ourselves and others. And also I’d prefer the movement to be fun and sexy.
White supremacy works because it limits the discussion. It teaches white working class people that if they aren’t saying the N-Word then they aren’t being racist. It leads my family to believe that “there is only so much justice to go around” and that having hard conversations about privilege, and committing to destroying privilege means that WE won’t be able to survive.
“Whether it’s a dystopic projection of curent attitudes or a picture of empowerment and survival, either way it is a reminder that the future belongs to not one voice but to those who dare to imagine the possibilities, despite humanity’s violent present.” – Samantha Power, Vue Weekly

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