Jobina Tinnemans – Film trailer

As some of you know, I videotaped a performance of Jobina Tinnemans this year. I was thrilled when i recived this in an email this week:
“I ended up working on the ‘Killing Time’ commission all of last year: the many bits of footage filmed during the entire experience developed into a much bigger project than I had ever foreseen – a 54 minutes art house documentary – set in New York and Pembrokeshire. Due to differences in resolution I wasn’t able to use much of your footage, Krissy, still the shots that are used were unmissable :)”

The 2 mins film trailer is here: It premiered on November 22nd in Pembrokeshire.

Killing time in New York – trailer from Jobina Tinnemans on Vimeo.

Here is the little video I made for Julie, who is one of the knitters.

Please support this film and support new music composers!

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