Festival Mental in Lisbon, Portugal

My Crazy Boxers makes it’s continental Europe debut in Lisbon, Portugal on November 11, 2019 at the Cinema City Alvalade as part of the Festival da Saude Mental   Festival of Mental Health, Cinema and Arts. The films included explore themes on the vast world of mental health to be an integral part of the 2019 Mental Festival edition taking place during November this year.
This year’s themes will be mainly about Burnout, Dependencies (FoMO), Dementia and promotion of mental health for children (MENTAL Júnior).

O MENTAL – Festival da Saúde Mental, Cinema, Artes e Informação
convida os artistas a submeter as suas obras sobre a temática da Saúde Mental, para ser parte integrante da selecção oficial da edição Festival Mental 2019, a acontecer durante Novembro deste ano.
Este ano o MENTAL abordará os temas Burnout, Dependências (FoMO), Demências e promoção da saúde mental para criança (no MENTAL Júnior), na suas M-Talks.

O MENTAL – Festival da Saúde Mental tem como objectivo primordial falar claro e claramente sobre saúde mental. A plataforma escolhida é a cultura no seu sentido mais lato e as artes em particular, veículos extraordinários para o combate ao estigma, vergonha e falta de informação pública e geral.

November 2019 Fringe! London Queer Film Fest

This autumn Team Dykeumentary has been going gangbusters!  It really is a team, after coming back last week from SQIFF i am more proud than ever of the real and strong community around accessible queer film that we’ve created.

Coming up this November is Fringe! London Queer Film Fest
This fabulous festival happens 12-17 November 2019 in East London. I am humbled that both one of my films from the vault, The Genesis of Butch and Femme, and my brand new one, My Crazy Boxers, will both be shown.  Here’s the info:

Fri Nov 15, 17:30
Film, Q+A,  Hatch, Free
Shorts program: Hide and Seek  (My Crazy Boxers)
A programme of experimental shorts that push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling in a game of hide and seek that crosses dimensions, finds connection through movement, excavates the past, and gets right into your pants in the search for identity, love and existence.
For a laugh, here’s what the program says: “Suicidal – or just a working class butch dyke caught in the wrong underpants? Pixellated fragments slowly materialise in this video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system, creating a powerful and distressing elegy from the incessant gendering of underwear.”

Sat Nov 16, 13:30
Film, Rose Lipman Building, Free
Shorts program: A Hole New World With You  (The Genesis of Butch and Femme)
Queer people have always imagined a world different from our own where we can live and love freely. The oft quoted Jose Munoz’ ‘Cruising…’ says, ‘Queerness is not here yet’, and in these trying times, LGBTIQA+ folk lovingly remind one another that imagining a positive future, a brave new world, is necessary for survival. So is laughter; so are experiments. It’s necessary to feed and care for our minds and souls, especially precious in a climate of inhumanity in mainstream culture and society. These films employ joy to seek out new ways of being, forge new and celebratory spaces to inhabit, and throw away the rule book, forcing us to dream big. Here is home.



Autumn 2019 Screenings – Detroit, Belfast, Glasgow

I’m humbled and honored that my work has been included in the following festivals this fall. I wish I could attend them all.

Transstellar Film Festival  – World Premiere
28 September 2019, 9:15 PM  Cinema Detroit, Detroit, MI, USA
Experimental Shorts
Intrinsic Moral Evil, Dir: Harm Weistra
My Crazy Boxers, Dir: krissy mahan
Another Woman’s Scent, Dirs: Angie West, Jackie Nunns
Stella Erratica, Dir: Ben Barton
Reality Fragment 160921, Dir: Jasmine Lin, April Lin
Broken Doll, Dir: Gaspar Aguirre, Román Sovrano

Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival
6 October 2019,  4PM- 6 pm AN CULTÚRLANN, Belfast, Northern Counties of the Republic of Ireland

Cultúrlann Mc Adam Ó Fiaich is an Irish language, arts and cultural centre located at the heart of West Belfast on the Falls Road.
Program 3:
NATION YOUR NATION Director: Frederick Kelly Duration: 7mn
Duration: 7mn
A woman undertakes the ‘Life in the UK Test’. Through her eyes, ‘Nation Your Nation’ questions the means by which nation states determine people’s identities and futures.
ACAIACA Director: Wagner Cinelli Duration: 7mn
Acaiaca is based on a legend about a sacred cedar that was chopped down by the Portuguese, which caused the destruction of the nearby Puri Indian tribe in just one night. The Legend of Acaiaca was portrayed in the novel Acayaca 1729, by 19th Century Brazilian writer Joaquim Felicio dos Santos. The song was recorded in April/2017 by Urca Bossa Jazz, and it is one of the last works of percussionist Laudir de Oliveira
MAMA MAMA Director: EDUARDO VIEITEZ Duration: 9mnA
Syrian refugee girl trying to stay alive and make her way out finding a new home in a massive exodus under the Syrian civil war.
COLD FISH Director: David Hay Duration: 11mn
An old man wants to commit suicide but a young boy stops him. Notbecause he wants to save him butbecause he wants him to do the deed.
CRESCENT Director: Edward Heredia Duration: 7mn Moving into their new home, CelinaSmith struggles to cope with her daily life. As her concept of time becomes elusive, she begins to fear for hersanity. Her husband, Patrick Smith, tries to support her through prescribed medication but Celina continues to manically believe that itis the clocks in the house that are controlling her. After struggling to find proof, she manages to create a sundial in the garden and discovers herhusband’s controlling ways.
I AM/YALINI DREAM Director: YaliniDream and Krissy Mahan, 2019, 2 min, USA. Open captioned version available.
YaliniDream — Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester-Born, Texas-Bred and Brooklyn-Brewed, performs a poem of refugee/migrant love for self and the world, through dance and a hiphop beat. Directors:
I AM SORRY Director: Kamil Olejnik Duration: 3mn To complete the path that leads to his redemption, a condemned man writes a letter of forgiveness. By offering this letter to his children, he fulfills his most cherished desire to break the cycle of violence that destroys his family from generation to generation.
THEY/THEM Director: Bo Beaufill Duration: 19mn Ash has always been very good with their words, however recently theyhaven’t been able to express themself. They realise that not everything is in blue and pink as they struggle to findtheir gender identity in a world resistant to change.
INFERNO Director: Cristiano Gazzarrini Duration: 4mn
In una cucina di un appartamento qualunque, un uomo è intento a tagliare un pezzo di carne. In camera da letto una donna giace sul letto. I suoni e i rumori di una violenta aggressione di un uomo ai danni di una donna echeggiano nell’ambiente.
A PAIN OF THE COLOUR HOMELAND Director: Nasim Ostovar Duration: 7mnRezvan with 30 years of age has to sew at home to earn money for her husband Hamid and their son Arman. Hamid just yells, breaks and beats Rezvan and Arman. what should Rezvan do? they say Hamid is crazy?
I SOGNI SOSPESI Director: Manuela Tempesta Duration: 12mn Marlène is a beautiful and restless French artist who expresses her creative talent by painting, with her naked body, a white canvas hanging in a cottage. The girl has fled her home country with her sister Sophie, who tries to stay close to her and supports her day after day. Their past is marked by a terrible secret, an event happened a long time before which deeply marked them, forcing them to flee to Italy.
HOME Director: Benjamin Harris Duration: 19mn
When a lonely young girl meets a local farmhand claiming to be held captive, can she help him or will his secret keep them both prisoner?

Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, UK
3 October 2019, 3:00 pm4:10 pm, Center for Contemporary Arts
I Am/YaliniDream  (2m) Dir: YaliniDream, Krissy Mahan, Country: USA, Year: 2019, Language/s: English
Screening with:
(3m) Dir: Liberty Antonia Sadler, Country: UK, Year: 2019, Language/s: English
Ponyboi (19m). Dir: River Gallo, Sade Clacken Joseph, Country: USA, Year: 2019, Language/s: English
The Wind on your Skin (18m). Dir: Naomi Beukes, Country: Namibia, Year: 2018, Language/s: English
Eyes (5m). Dir: Lily Ash Sakula, Country: UK, Year: 2019, Language/s: English
BLACKN3SS (22m). Dir: Diego Paulino, Country: Brazil, Year: 2018, Language/s: Portuguese
My Spine is a Beautiful Sea Monster (2m). Dir: Theresa Heath-Ellul, Country: UK, Year: 2019, Language/s: English

4 October 2019, 12.30 pm – 2:30 pm, CCA Theatre
My Crazy Boxers
See Me Proud presents: Mental Health Shorts

We know that mental health issues disproportionately affect LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities, who often experience difficulties in accessing support. To create space for discussion and representation of these topics, we’ve curated a collection of insightful and powerful shorts in partnership with See Me Proud. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, loneliness, irrational thoughts, living with bipolar disorder, medication, and queerphobia encountered whilst obtaining treatment. The films incorporate a diversity of identities and styles, including animation, experimental, documentary, and sci-fi.Followed by a discussion on themes raised in the films with See Me Proud.With refreshments sponsored by Clever Kombucha.








Queer Jersey Filmmakers in Trenton

Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7 PM
PopUp Anthology and Artworks Trenton
My Aunt Mame
PopUp Anthology is back for a night of local film on August 16th!
Filmmakers include K. Kypers, Krissy Mahan, the Cremer Brothers, Hadi Gass, Jamie DiNicola, and more.
We’ll be screening a program of films followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. Free admission + reception to follow. Stay tuned for details!

“I Dream/YaliniDream’ at QueerAsia 2019 in London

YaliniDream written in TamilJuly 13, 2019 – British Museum , London
YaliniDream and my collaborative film “I Am/YaliniDream” will be shown at QueerAsia, in a program curated by CINEMQ called ‘Dreams + Nightscapes’ at the British Museum.
‘Dreams + Nightscapes’ We find each other in dreams. In cinemas and streets, in half-forgotten spaces, eyes bright and shadow-boxed as cheeks run black with rain. Queer visions in the dark. CINEMQ presents a selection of short films from across Asia exploring dream, desire, and nightscapes.

The fourth QueerAsia annual activities will take place this year from 17 June to22 July, featuring our Film Festival running from 17 June-22 July, our Art Exhibition running from 13-17 July, and the first ever Summer Programme from 15-18 July. All events are free to attend including open events at The Summer Programme in the evenings of 15, 17, and 18 July at University of Westminster, King’s College London, and SOAS University of London respectively.

Queer Asia is a network and platform for collaboration and research on LGBTQI+ issues in Asia. The aim of our annual activities are to bring together activists, artists, academics and film-makers from various parts of Asia on a common platform and interrogate latest developments on LGBTQI+ rights and culture in the region.

Our third annual Film Festival this year is held in collaboration with CINEMQ. Our screenings will be held on 17 June and from 11-22 July at the British Museum, SOAS University of London, King’s College London, and the University of Warwick. Selected films this year span 24 countries, including Lebanon, Malaysia, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan, Philippines, Russian Federation, India, China, Brunei, Japan, and Azerbaijan. The schedule is available online.

Our second annual Art Exhibition titled ‘The Liminal’ will be held at SOAS University of London and the British Museum on 15-17 July with community events and artists’ and artivism talks and the main exhibition held from 15-17 July at SOAS University of London. Further details about the exhibition and a line-up of our artists can be found online.

The films:

The Tyger [Tropical Malady edit]
Dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
A short video essay on man and nature.

They Won’t Let A Dream Come True
Dir. Shumaila Kanwal
PakistThe world outside / Always wants some reason / For something new / For a dream to come true.

Aren’t We Here For Each Other
Dir. Gilb Baldoza
Romance endures violence as a couple celebrates their anniversary against the backdrop of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Things I Would Say To My Mom If Only I Were Brave Enough
Dir. James Allen Fajardo
Filmmaker James Allen Fajardo recalls his childhood before his mother left him to work abroad, and all the things he wished he could have told her about his burgeoning sexuality.

Dir. Romi Kim
S. Korea
Whispers of queerness in a young woman’s coming out story, an intimate narrative that holds her first kiss, first love and feelings of exclusions. She navigates and explores both the negativity around the word ‘queer,’ and her struggle to identify within it.

I Dream / Yalani Dream
Dir. YaliniDream & Krissy Mahan
Artist YaliniDream – Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester-Born, Texas-Bred and Brooklyn-Brewed – performs a poem of refugee/migrant love for the self and the world, through dance and a hiphop beat.

Dir. Sui-hin Mak
Hong Kong
An experimental montage.

The Mute
Dir. Pham Thien An
The night before her wedding, a woman seeks out her ex-girlfriend for the last time.

Do It Again
Dir. Hsin Hsuan Yeh
Not knowing who I am and what should I do, floating in the air, I am a bear in the mortal world. I always wander in the dead-end road, swinging back and forth between disgust and joy. When will I face my own desires without hating myself?

Care For You
Romance blossoms when two souls cross paths in a late-night diner. A tender and surreal meditation on expressions of love.

Make Up Your Own Mind
Dir. Miguel Badiola Borje
Hong Kong
How do we determine the value of others, who has the right to decide a person’s worth? Two dancers move through a desolate building in this short film dedicated to the Filipinos of Hong Kong.

Chromosome Sweetheart
Dir. Honami Yano
Running into your ex can trigger a flood of bittersweet memories, but the world brims with with new and complex ways to love.

Two Snakes
Dir. Kristin Li
An experimental animation and documentary about diasporic desires for foundational myths. Seeking a home in reclaiming ones’ ancestry and seeking a self in reappropriated narratives. What is found is an identity, one that is fragmented, but open.

Amateur Dramatics
Dir. Linnea Ritland
Two actors competing for the same role find truth in a moment of pretending.

Summer 2019

I’ve been reading adrienne maree brown’s PLEASURE ACTIVISM and I’m hooked.  Here’s a quote from the introduction:  What is Pleasure Activism? Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental reform or stasis with the desire to make improvements in society.  Pleasure activism is the work we do to reclaim our whole, happy, and satisfiable selves from the impacts, delusions, and limitations of oppression and/or supremacy.

And here is what I did for pleasure this weekend! I played in the queer soccer league’s 30th anniversary tournament. I scored two goals!  I have always hoped that my movies could be about serious topics, but presented in a lighthearted and accessible way.  In these murderous times, I often feel like I am doing my cultural work wrong because I use joy/humor. Brown’s book restored some confidence that had been slipping since my days of close contact  with Dr. Joni Omi Jones and Sharon Bridgforth, my mentors and teachers at The Austin Project.

The Golden Girls soccer team for the tournament.
Fear The Golden Girls!



Drew Adair, founder of Falcons Soccer
Drew Adair, founder of the Philadelphia Falcons






Drew Adair began the Philadelphia Falcons Soccer League as a way for gay men to play competitive recreational soccer, and to reclaim the joy of their bodies during the height of the AIDS crisis.  He kept it going uninterrupted for years through sheer force of will.  I have so much respect for him. Thank you, Drew.


And now to showbiz news….

MY AUNT MAME will be shown this week:  May 30th at the Bechdel Film Festival in Akron, Ohio is showing My Aunt Mame.  I am proud to be in a Bechdel festival, and the movie certainly passes the test of centering women’s interactions. I am happy that it is showing right before pride month, as it is about unsung/unknown queer ancestors.  Philadelphia’s pride march chose Ed Rendell as a grand marshall.  The courageous actions by Black trans/queer/GNC people at Stonewall in 1969 deserve respect.  I’m sickened yet not surprised that Philadelphia’s District Attorney while the MOVE house was bombed, who went on as governor to double the number of prisoners/prisons will be honored. Some people just don’t understand that the state and the modern-day enslavement system (prisons) are the biggest predators of trans/GNC/queer/Black/POC/poor people and women. Argh!

Also, I have been re-editing the short I made about 10 (yikes) years ago about a hospitalization in mental health facility, and how gender non-conformity can be pathologized.

After the Bechdel Film Festival, here’s what’s up:

June 6, 2019
MY AUNT MAME is screening at the at Curzon Soho, in the QueerBee Identity programme  at 6.30pm.

June 20, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will be shown at 7:30pm at the Splice Film Festival being held at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn.  This film is included in the “Comedy, Animation, Documentary” program.

June 22, 2019
I Am/YaliniDream  will be shown at the Splice Film Festival at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn. This collaborative film will screen in the “Video Art & Erotica” program at 7:30pm.

Lately I’ve directed my attention to supporting Ayanna Ife get her Afro-futurist film project off the ground.  She’s working on the screenplay, but has the whole story ready to go in her head.  Because she is blind (and Black and queer), writing the screenplay is even more of a challenge than it is for sighted people.  She needs a piece of equipment that will help her write and edit.  You can support her work via her Patreon:  Ayanna Ife is creating poetry, music, essays, and audio/video content.

And here is a video of her talking about the project and encouraging people to support it.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/EX72CvghHaY” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>




May – June 2019

What a great spring and summer 2019 is shaping up to be.  I am humbled and proud that the cultural work my friends and I are producing is getting seen by wider audiences.  Please support film festivals, they are a great place to build community and have your batteries recharged for the social justice work we continue to do.

May 11, 2019
FOUR BILLION REASONS will be shown at 16:45 at the Woodhouse Community Centre at the Leeds Queer Film Festival!
This festival initially had to be rescheduled, but the queers of Leeds are back to finish what they started. Relaunch Event!  “We’re really touched by all the love and support so can’t wait to spend four days in a cozy queer utopia at Woodhouse Community Centre.”

May 13, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will screen at 7:00pm as part of Floyd Marshall Jr.’s The Film Collective.‘s last local film night at the South Street Cinema in Philadelphia.

May 15, 2019
ALL IN A DAY’S WORK  4:00pm Thrilled to announce that the collaborative film by Patricia Silva and me will be shown in the Workers Unite Film Festival.  Our movie is screening with THE WASHING SOCIETY and DIVISION AVE at the Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street NY, NY

May 30, 2019
MY AUNT MAME was selected for the Bechdel Fest in Akron, Ohio.  This film screens in Shorts Program #4, at the Akron Art Museum.

June 6, 2019
MY AUNT MAME is screening at the at Curzon Soho, in the QueerBee Identity programme  at 6.30pm.

June 20, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will be shown at 7:30pm at the Splice Film Festival being held at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn.  This film is included in the “Comedy, Animation, Documentary” program.

June 22, 2019
I Am/YaliniDream  will be shown at the Splice Film Festival at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn. This collaborative film will screen in the “Video Art & Erotica” program at 7:30pm.

Workers Unite Film Festival May 15, 2019 4:00pm


Program 16: ‘The Washing Society’, ‘Division Ave’, ‘All In A Day’s Work’ LGBTQ – Free Early Show

  • to
    Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States

The Washing Society
An experimental narrative that brings us into New York City laundromats and the experiences of the people who work there. When you drop off a bag of dirty laundry, who’s doing the washing and folding? “The Washing Society” brings us into New York City laundromats and the experiences of the people who work there. Collaborating together for the first time, filmmaker Lynne Sachs and playwright Lizzie Olesker observe the disappearing public space of the neighborhood laundromat and the continual, intimate labor that happens there. With a title inspired by the 1881 organization of African-American laundresses, “The Washing Society” investigates the intersection of history, underpaid work, immigration, and the sheer math of doing laundry. (2018, 44 min)

Division Ave – The fight for justice of a Latina cleaning lady in Hasidic Brooklyn.
A few days before Passover, Fernanda, a young Mexican woman, is hired by a Brooklyn cleaning agency to work in the local Jewish Hasidic community. Despite a prolonged wait for her payment, Fernanda continues to faithfully show up for work each day at Nechama’s house. An unexpected connection between the two leads to a fight for justice against the cleaning agency at fault, bridging the gaps between their very different worlds.

All In A Day’s Work
Through a series of comedic vignettes, All in a Day’s Work shows the daily life of certain queer women, and how projection and prejudice makes people feel threatened by two queer bodies near each other. Two queer working class friends make a living in New York City by working in the lower rungs of America’s premier online retailer. After a long day at the office and the warehouse, they attend an after-work party, run an errand, end-up at a speed-dating event, and top off the day at their favorite bar. (2018, 10 min, Animated)

You can watch the trailer for All In A Day’s Work here.

Updated March – May 2019

One of the best things about this spring’s showings are that the films are being shown at events that are not specifically for queer audiences (Beyond Earth, Stony Brook University, PopUp Anthology, Indie Meme, Workers Unite Film Fest, Bechdel Film Festival and Splice Film Festival).  This gives me the opportunity to talk about accessibility, class, and queerness to a broader range of audiences, which is what I’ve always wanted to do.  One day I will show my movies at a sports bar!
Here is an updated listing of what’s showing where.

March 23, 2019
I DREAM/ YALINIDREAM was selected for the Beyond Earth Film Festival at Club Eco Vista New Town, Action Area II, Kolkata India.  This was the film’s World Premiere.

March 28, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will be shown at qFLIX Philadelphia on Thursday,  March 28,  7:30 PM  @  Connelly Auditorium.

Ayanna Ife at qFlix Philly
Lisa Dietrich of WGSS Stony Brook







April 5, 2019 I will be presenting some of my films at the 2019 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Conference
“Asking for a Friend (of Dorothy): What to Expect When You’re Expecting The End of the World”.

Wicked Queer Boston 2019 GTFO Program

April 7, 2019
My Aunt Mame will show at the Wicked Queer Film Festival at the Paramount Center in Boston, Mass. Here’s the trailer.

Friday, April 19
MY AUNT MAME will be shown in the Local Animation showcase at the PopUp Anthology held at ArtWorks in Trenton, NJ.

April 27, 2019
IndyMeme Film Festival in Austin, TX will host the US Premiere of the film version of I DREAM / YALINIDREAM, which was originally created for Sharon Bridgforth’s RIVER SEE theatrical installation. This event will be held at AFS Cinema in Austin.

May 11, 2019
FOUR BILLION REASONS will be shown at 16:45 at the Woodhouse Community Centre at the Leeds Queer Film Festival!
This festival initially had to be rescheduled, but the queers of Leeds are back to finish what they started. Relaunch Event!  “We’re really touched by all the love and support so can’t wait to spend four days in a cozy queer utopia at Woodhouse Community Centre.”

May 15, 2019
ALL IN A DAY’S WORK Thrilled to announce that the collaborative film made by Patricia Silva and me will be shown in the Workers Unite Film Festival, 5/15/19 at 4:00pm at the Cinema Village in Manhattan.  Our movie is screening with THE WASHING SOCIETY and DIVISION AVE.

May 30, 2019
MY AUNT MAME was selected for the (US) Inaugural Bechdel Fest in Akron, Ohio.
The Bechdel Film Fest, in partnership with the Nightlight Cinema and Akron Summit County Public Library, will feature high quality curated films that pass the “Bechdel Test,” which brings attention to gender inequality in film and fiction. THE BECHDEL TEST: AT LEAST TWO FEMALE CHARACTERS, WHO ARE GIVEN NAMES, TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN A MAN OR BOY.

June 6, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will screen as part of QueerBee Film at the Curzon Soho. Get your tickets today!

June 20, 2019
MY AUNT MAME will be shown at 7:30pm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the 2019 Splice Film Festival.

June 22, 2019
I AM/YALINIDREAM will be shown at 7:30pm at the Cinema Noir in Brooklyn also as part of  the 2019 Splice Film Festival.





March – April 2019

March 5-11, 2019
New York Feminist Film Week at Anthology Film Archives, New York Ciy
CAROL opens the festival March 5, I am in CampbellX‘s film DES!RE, which screens March 6th, and on March 8th, Patricia Silva and my collaboration All In A Day’s Work will be shown with Bixa Travesty.

March 15, 2019
MY AUNT MAME was selected to be shown at the Mosaic Film Festival at Georgia Piedmont Technical College in Clarkson, GA, in their Animated Shorts program, held at the DeKalb Conference Center.

March 21, 2019
CAROL was selected for Queers In Shorts at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge, England. They host a monthly night of short films, an exciting venture to create a new social space for LGBTQ+ people in Cambridge, England. Not only am I flattered they they chose my parody of CAROL, here’s what they said:
“OK, we’ve still got a way to go before our next Queers in Shorts but we couldn’t resist showing you this trailer for – how can we put this – a different take on the movie ‘Carol’. Produced by Krissy Mahan, who gave us the wonderful ‘Faggot Girl’, ‘Carol’ is joyful and satirical in equal parts. So get down to the Arts Picturehouse bar at 9 p.m. on Thursday, 21st March to enjoy this big-budget (well…), epic short film. And once again, it’s FREE!”

March 23, 2019
FOUR BILLION REASONS has been selected by the Leeds Queer Film Festival– a radical revolutionary film festival that I am honored/humbled to be included in again. Here is a link to the full program. My movie screens at 18:00 at the Live Art Bistro in the Pratibha Parmar space,in the same program with my friend Kai Fiáin

March 28, 2019
“My Aunt Mame” has been selected by qFlix Philly for their Philly Phamily Philms screening at 7:30pm at Connolly Auditorium.
Other films in the program are:
Directed by Aaron Immediato, 2018, 17 Minutes, USA
After Cassie gets tormented for not “looking like a girl” in the school bathroom, a demonic vengeance troll awakens to avenge her – only making the nightmare worse.
Directed by Dave Sarrafian, 2018, 22 Minutes, USA
Joss Grey must find out who’s killing people while finishing his midterm.
Directed by Krissy Mahan, 2017, 9 Minutes, USA
A working class, gender non-conforming woman in the 1960’s leaves a legacy for her butch dyke grand niece. This is a humanizing narrative by one queer older woman, which highlights intersecting identities that complicate discourses of sex, gender, and class.
Directed by Mark Jones, 2018, 6 Minutes, USA
A man has a unique and funny coming out story, he just doesn’t know it yet.
Directed by Albert M. Chan and Anthony Grasso, 2017, 7 minutes, USA
This award-winning short takes a few daring steps forward in a “confessional” style, revealing one man’s message from a troubled vision to an awakening from isolation back to humanity.
Directed by students from Penn Alexander School, 2018, 7 Minutes, USA
A group of 7th graders from Philadelphia present their award-winning documentary, which depicts Philadelphia’s contributions to LGBTQ+ rights, such as the Dewey’s Lunch Counter sit-in.

April 5, 2019 I will be presenting some of my films (I haven’t decided which ones yet) at the 2019 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Conference
“Asking for a Friend (of Dorothy): What to Expect When You’re Expecting The End of the World” Read more about that below.

April 7, 2019
My Aunt Mame” has been selected by the Wicked Queer Film Festival in Boston, Mass, 6:30 at the Paramount Theater. “My Aunt Mame” was selected for the GTFO Shorts Program, “The last program of the festival. Our programmers picked a film or two each that we found outré, unique, outrageous, or that in some other way made us say “Get the fuck out!!”
The other films are:

The Story of Hawkeye Bray
A young cowboy, Hawkeye Bray, lives alone in a small white room. At night they have visions of a handsome honky tonk singer, a boy with a chain whip, and the rolling desert hills. Despite being unable to leave their room, Hawkeye learns how to manifest their dreams and desires into reality.
Directed by Zeke Aszman 12 m English US

Sammy the Salmon
Spencer, a closeted homosexual, is offered help from a talking salmon to get his love life back on track.
Directed by Jake Shannon 7 m English Australia

Are You A Gay Stereotype?
Youtube video on whether or not you’re a gay stereotype and if that is even a bad thing or not.
Directed by Michael Henry 2 m English United States

Is Your Teen a Homosexual?
‘Is Your Teen A Homosexual?’ is a short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump’s America by using the style of “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s.
Directed by Tamara Scherbak 6 m English Canada

Have You Hooked Up With Too Many Men?
Well? Have you?
Directed by Michael Henry 3 m English United States

Starving Boys
A Daddy, a Twink, a Bear and a Hunk are cruising outdoor in a suburban neighborhood of Montreal.
Directed by Raphaël Massicotte 7 m French with English subtitles Canada

My Aunt Mame
A working class, gender non-conforming woman in the 1960s leaves a legacy for her butch dyke grand niece. This is a humanizing narrative made 100% by one queer older woman, which highlights intersectional identities that complicate discourses of sex, gender, and class.
Directed by Krissy Mahan 9 m English United States

Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire
Two selfish, narcissistic (but also beautiful and valid) bottoms are forced to pack up their apartment during a Los Angeles brushfire. Will they bring their crystal collection or their great grandma’s urn? An examination of priorities.
Directed by Capucine Berney 9 m English United States

Dear Babe
A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy’s filthy antics?
Directed by Ethan Folk 3 m German with English subtitles Germany

Don’t Fuck With England
A love story of words, whips, fries, and chips.
Directed by Rocket Ear 2 m English United States

My Eggboy
The wicked funny side of the Stockholm syndrome.
Directed by Etienne Bellefeuille 8 m French with English subtitles Canada

Hiding in Daylight
After a gay purge, four best friends are surviving by living in fake marriages to each other.
Directed by Cheryl Allison 15 m English United States

Summer of Connor
A photographer begins seeing the face of a barista, Connor, in his work- as well as every other human being- and embraces his emerging attraction to men. He still hasn’t told his girlfriend.
Directed by Russell Goldman 9 m English United States

March 2019 All Month on PhillyCam Sunday nights at 10:30pm. Link posted when available!
Thirty minutes of programming will be broadcast to everyone with Comcast cable in the Philadelphia metro area. The 30 minute program has videos about the fight for justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal, regional organizing for healthcare for all, accessibility justice and a conversation about how Mexican-American gay men had to fight the Texas health department to get Spanish-language AIDS prevention services in the 1980s — when gay sex was illegal there.








April 5, 2019
Stony Brook University Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
I will be presenting some of my films at this event at Stony Brook University.
2019 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Conference
“Asking for a Friend (of Dorothy): What to Expect When You’re Expecting The End of the World”
Keynote: Shanté Paradigm Smalls,
Assistant Professor, English,
St. John’s University
This year’s conference aims to address both how to cope, resist or even outright refuse the current state of affairs. I’m fairly sure my work was selected for the portion described as, “The role of humor, camp, irony, sarcasm and irreverence.”

Shanté Paradigm Smalls is a scholar, artist, and writer. Smalls teaches and researches Black popular culture in music, film, visual art, genre fiction, and other aesthetic forms. Dr. Smalls is currently finishing their first scholarly manuscript, Hip Hop Heresies: Queer Aesthetics in New York City, which won the 2016 CLAGS Fellowship Award for best manuscript in LGBTQ Studies. Smalls’ writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in The Black Scholar, GL/Q, Women & Performance, Criticism, Lateral, American Behavioral Scientist, Suspect Thoughts, The Black Scholar, Syndicate Literature, and the Oxford Handbook of Queerness and Music.

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