Dykeumentary On Parade!

Wow. I am the luckiest person in the world.  Who would have thought that some construction paper and Fisher-Price people would be the reason I am going to the UK this September! My movie “My Aunt Mame” was selected by 4 film festivals so far, and I hope some more, too, (because i sent it out to more that 75 festivals).

The biggest thanks goes to the Wotever DIY Film Festival, led by Theresa Heath-Elul and Tara Brown. They showed a Faggotgirl film in 2013, and have been my biggest champions ever since. You never know when something happens that changes the course of your life, and I am sure that being selected by WDIYFF is one of those things. I aspire to maintain the high standards that their festival set in all the future work that I do; accessible, inclusive, rigourous and fun.

Thank you Looking At You Productions for encouraging me to make this movie, thank you Women Over 50 Film Festival for making a dedicated festival to older women, thank you Leeds Queer Film Festival for your demonstrated leadership, for years now, in how to make a festival fully accessible, and thank you Scottish Queer Film Festival for your enthusiastic support of even my most wacky projects. I am so humbled and happy to be bringing Aunt Mame’s story out to the world.  It is a dream come true as well as my political project to be making funny movies that remain hopeful and fun in a world that needs love and joy.

OMG! This just in! Curve magazine, who normally would move to the other side of the bar if they saw me, wrote an article about the Women Over 50 Film Festival and they included a write-up of “My Aunt Mame!” Victory is MINE.

February 2016 Update

Hello all, and I hope you are enjoying this mild winter as much as I am.
Here’s Mom looking badass in 1955.(Click it and it rotates correctly, I don’t know why it is doing this.)
As some of you know, I’ve moved home to take care of my mother as she battles PSP – Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. According to the CDC, this disease is rare. However, in South Jersey, it is so common in older women that almost everyone I talk with has a grandmother or aunt who has/had it. Infuriating and expected, in a post-industrial wasteland poisoned by thorium, mercury, lead and asbestos. Camden will never gentrify because no white middle-class family would move here. It is neurologic birth defect ground zero (I was also born with a neurological abnormality in my brain stem.) Our sister-city-in-murder-rates, Flint, MI is a sorrowful example that poor, Black-majority cities are just allowed to die.

So it is difficult to focus on making movies during this time of intense eldercare. I have been writing screenplays and fiddling around with a remake of “Carol” when I have a few moments to myself. I also signed up for Film Freeway and so have been sending my videos to festivals for consideration. I am most excited for a project about my childhood, when we learned my best friend’s sister was a lesbian.

It has been exciting to see all the action figures of women in the news lately. I am glad that Faggotgirl has some Super Friends. I hope they have superpowers, and are not just to be looked at and dressed up. More later!