Gloucester City’s Radioactive Legacy

This clean-up in Gloucester City continues.
The poisoning from radioactive thorium must be even worse than anyone can even comprehend, because imagine a $440 million (thats 4 BILLION DOLLAR) settlement being reached in this pro-business economy. It is that bad. There are still 2 active clean-up sites in Gloucester City now.

Here’s some good news: People of good will are on the move.
Impossibility Now is a trans* politics manifesto by Dean Spade. Dean made “Impossibility Now” for the February 2013 “Gender Talents: A Special Address” Conference at the Tate Modern in London. The Conference asked invited speakers to perform a manifesto. The video takes themes from Dean’s book, Normal Life, and illustrates them with images.
Watch this video now:

Dean Spade: Impossibility Now from BCRW Videos on Vimeo.

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