Gloucester City’s Radioactive Legacy

This clean-up in Gloucester City continues.
The poisoning from radioactive thorium must be even worse than anyone can even comprehend, because imagine a $440 million (thats 4 BILLION DOLLAR) settlement being reached in this pro-business economy. It is that bad. There are still 2 active clean-up sites in Gloucester City now.

Here’s some good news: People of good will are on the move.
Impossibility Now is a trans* politics manifesto by Dean Spade. Dean made “Impossibility Now” for the February 2013 “Gender Talents: A Special Address” Conference at the Tate Modern in London. The Conference asked invited speakers to perform a manifesto. The video takes themes from Dean’s book, Normal Life, and illustrates them with images.
Watch this video now:

Dean Spade: Impossibility Now from BCRW Videos on Vimeo.

My Video at Gender Reel 2012

I’m happy to announce that my video “Gloucester City, My Town” will be shown at Gender Reel in Philadelphia this coming weekend.
Please attend the festival if you can. The video is screnning on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I am part of a workshop for “Filmmaking For The Grasroots Activist.”
Please come hear my passionately held, uninformed opinions during daylight hours. Might be fun. See you there!

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