Summer 2021

Great news!  My Crazy Boxers continue their worldwide tour, this time in Marsailles, France, at Les Mains Gauches Feminist Queer Film Festival, and Carol will be shown at the inaugural San Francisco Queer Film Festival.

From Les Mains Gauches website:  Nous avons voulu, en plus du festival annuel que nous organisons à Marseille, offrir un nouvel espace de diffusion de films queer-féministes. Nous souhaitons accompagner en priorité des films auto-produits ou aux économies précaires qui ne sont pas toujours privilégiés dans les réseaux de diffusion traditionnels. Cette plateforme est un pari. Elle vivra grâce à vous, cinéastes et allié.e.s.

From the SF Queer Film Festival website: Our festival is a showcase for innovative and groundbreaking movies by queer filmmakers.
SF Queer Fest offers an alternate platform for out-of-the-box thinkers and content creators. Unlike mainstream LGBTQ+ festivals, we don’t disqualify films based on premiere status or date of completion. We select films on merit and not based on the names attached to the project. This festival is created by filmmakers to provide opportunities to queer filmmakers who are over-looked by the mainstream festivals. Our first screening takes place at the State of the Art, Delancey Screening Room, where Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Northern California screenings take place. But our opening night will be at the historic Roxie Cinema in the Mission. In addition to films, we’ll host panel discussions on subjects concerning our community, by several movers and shakers.

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