Spring 2015 Update

This year continues to be a litany of vulnerable people being killed by state powers. As a daughter of post-industrial, eastern seaboard Camden, NJ, i have experienced decades of economic neglect and active military occupation of my hometown. I am hopeful that this movement will build toward a more just and joyful world, and will destroy everything that dimishes the life chances of working and poor people everywhere.

In other news, i am playing softball again this summer. My softball glove is older than several of my teammates. I’ve been playing every summer for decades – my father is fond of saying that my “first steps were down the first base line!” dive bar softball 2015
My teammates are fun, reasonable people who like to play and drink beer. Happily, they already cultivate their sense of self-worth far from the game, so no one gets too upset about losing or mistakes. Yay women’s sports! Yay girls sports! i am always delighted when the girls’ league plays near us. There weren’t organized girls sports where i lived until 8th grade. My first coaches were two Mexican-American women. They remain probably the best players i ever knew, and instilled a pride and a love for the game that is probably one of the reasons i still play. Thank you Pam and Toni, wherever you are.

My artistic endeavors are also bearing spring fruit! The achievement i am most proud of is my new “permanent gallery show” in the bathroom at Gingers Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was a dream of my to get a a real dyke in there, and i finally did it. Here is what the other walls look like. IMG_1333 RIP Lexington Club.
Also, RIP Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Although i never attended, it did represent a lot of work by a lot of lesbians. I cant even be bothered to throw a party for a few friends, so i respect how much labor went into it.

Another triumph is that i was asked (unsolicited!) by The New School if my video “…until justice rolls” could be used in their New School curated event to be held at Union Docs on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. I am of course totally flattered, and also a little curious about how they found my little movie, and why it was chosen. Quoting from the event’s program:
Who deserves to be the voice of New York City? NYC & Co., the city’s official marketitng and tourism organization, has dubbed Taylor Swift its “global welcome ambassador.” These pervasive advertisements cater to an elite consumer and reduce the city and its people to unrecognizable commodities. Is that all we are? STREET uses historical and contemporary films, situated on or below the city’s strets, to complicate the vision of a singularly representable New York City.
STREET is inspired by and responds to the 35th Annual Flaherty Seminar of 1989, programmed by Pearl Bowser and Grant Munro. The program addressed issues of Glasnost and the African Diaspora, and attempted to create a ‘grand narrative’ surrounding those issues. After initially trying to take a similar approach, we realized that imposing a singular definition on any subject is unrealistic. Further, though, and more detrimentally, such an imposition devalues the complexity of our city. With this in mind, we present STREET.
Featured films:
Solo, Piano – NYC (2013) dir. Anthony Sherin
In The Street (1948) dir. Helen Levitt (with James Agee & Janice Loeb)
Mulignans (2015) dir. Shaka King
…Until Justice Rolls (2014) dir. Krissy Mahan
Litefeet (2014) dir. Scott Carthy

And of course, i am busily working on a few new movies for Wotever Film Fest, my favorite event of the year. I really hope to attend August 21-23, 2015, but flights are so expensive.

Thanks for checking in on dykeumentary.

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