O Canada!


My Crazy Boxers was chosen to be shown at qFLIX XL, this year a collaboration with the Wocester qFLIX.  This film will be available for online screening after November 19th in the TRANStastic Shorts program.  i just love a hometown screening! Especially since I grew literally under the bridge to Philadelphia. No one would have guessed i’d be showing something i made in the big city.

Of the many reasons to look north for comfort, turns out Canadians are hot for my underpants, too!  My short film My Crazy Boxers has honor of being included in the Toronto Queer Film Festival’s special Queer Animation evening on November 19, 2020.

Also, in Montreal, My Crazy Boxers was selected for the Festival de films féministes de Montréal / Montreal Feminist Film Festival, happening from the 2nd to 12th December, 2020.







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