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First, quoted from a forum:
“To all the questions that have been asked, first, Starlite Lounge is a gay bar. It’s located on the corner of Nostrand Ave and Bergen St , address is 1086 Bergen St Tel# 718-771-3340. It’s the oldest GAY BAR in Bklyn, Starlite Lounge has been GAY since 1960 and still is. We are open from Tues thru Sun, Tues-Fri Hours are 3 pm-1 am, Sat from 3 pm to 5 Am Dancing Every Saturday Nite Resident DJ is Master J, Visting DJ every Saturday nite. Sat lite had been briefly closed due to the death of the previous owner. It is now owned and operated by the previous owner’s nephew aka DJ Master J. I hope this clears up any question you guys have about the Starlite Lounge and if not come see for your self what you have been missing, no need to go to manhattan Bklyn has it all

Im Master J/Resident DJ and Owner and im NYAB”

So i now have a new favorite bar. Reasons:
1. There were really hot, friendly girls there.
2. They have karaoke song choices to die for.
3. The owner let me taste 3 kinds of whiskey to see what i liked best when they had just run out of Jameson. (My respiratory system has gone all “new orleans after the levees failed” on me, and (being Irish) i thought Jameson would help disinfect the area and make me well).
4. The people who performed at the legendary Thursday night Karaoke actually had singing talent, and chose good old-school jams that sounded great
5. Did i mention that there were hot friendly girls there?
6. For you boys, the bartenders were charming studs, too.
7. It was easier for me to get to than to go to Park Slope, sort of.
8. The place has a dance floor.

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