Autumn 2022

Hello friends!

I realize it’s been a minute since I updated this, there has been a lot going on in my life.  And I’m happy to say there was a lot going on with my movies, too. (glad I am not a live performer, couldn’t have done it).

Here’s what’s been happening:

Mickey or Minnie (upcoming!)

November 5, 2022 Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK

#DaughterFail (upcoming!)

October 12, 2022 Queer Film Festival Munich, Munich, Germany.

Mickey or Minnie screenings:

August 7, 2022 FilmPride – Brighton & Hove Pride LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Brighton, UK.
June 19-26, 2022 QFlix Philadelphia,  Philadelphia, PA USA. Selected but the festival was cancelled
September 20, 2022 Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, London, UK.
June 10, 2022,  Splice Film Fest, Brooklyn, NY – Won Honorable Mention

My Crazy Boxers screenings:

September 28, 2022 GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Carol screenings:

August 8, 2022 Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival, Canada. Award Winner for Animation
July 5, 2022 International Online Film Festival

My Aunt Mame screenings:

August 28, 2022 San Francisco Queer Film Festival,  San Francisco, CA

Short film programs:

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest: programmed in “Not Gay as in Happy, But Queer As In…” with:

Hello my name is Sarah | dir. Sarah Hill | USA 2022 | 10′
Dildo Riot | dir. Maria Katsikadakou | Greece 2021 | 9′
Latrinalia | dir. Sophie Broadgate | UK 2022 | 4’
Portrait of Oasissy on Fire | dir. Annabel Cooper | UK 2020 | 3’
Victor’s Body | dir. Victor Di Marco, Márcio Picoli | Brazil 2021 | 15’
The zip of my pants is open. Like my heart. | dir. Marie Luise Lehner | Austria 2022 | 28’
Mickey or Minnie | dir. krissy mahan | USA 2022 | 2’
Nails & Beauty | dir. Rhona Foster | UK 2021 | 10′
Dippers & Oysters | dir. Kai Fiáin | UK 2022 | 10′
Ripples | dir. Dylan Mitro | Canada 2022 | 18’

Queer Film Festival Munich:  programmed in “Queer Mixtape” with:
Dania Bdeir—FRA,LBN—2022—16min
Fireflies (Lucciole)
Pauline Curnier Jardin—ITA—2022—7min
Krissy Mahan—USA—2022—5min
The Pass
Pepi Ginsberg—USA—2022—15min
Egúngún (Masquerade)
Olive Nwosu—NIG—2021—15min
Antonio Marziale—USA—2022—14min
Matus Krajnak—GBR 2022—20min

San Franciso Queer Film Festival: programmed in “Animated” with:
Refugee Arrival – Peter Hopkins
My Aunt Mame – krissy mahan
Stickup Winter Orgy – EE Newman

GAZE LGBT Film Fest – Dublin Programmed in “Making and Unmaking”
Dir. Marcus Gambrill/ Ireland / 2016 / 3m uses a music video format, drawing from 90s MTV aesthetics as well as everyday domestic objects that can be perceived as queer, to explore a transition from boy to man.
Dir. Alejandro Plumb/ Plurinational State of Bolivia / 2022 / 9m
Set in the Andean nation of Bolivia, Angelo is about a shoeshine boy who uses the power of his imagination to escape the harsh reality of life on the street.
DIRECTOR’S SPOTLIGHT: A small unique masterpiece melding documentary footage with a stylised narrative, stunning colour and visual tableaux. GT.
A body is a body is a body
Dir. Cat and Éiméar McClay/ Ireland / 2021 / 12m
Language folds and falls in on itself in this new video work by artist duo Cat and Éiméar McClay. Animated 3D tableaus of Catholic paraphernalia and strikes of elemental weather accompany the words. Together, they enact the historically fraught relationship between queerness and the Catholic church.
Call me Jonathan
Dir. B´rbara Lago/ Argentina / 2021 / 8m
After finding video material of her childhood, the director reprogrammes her mythology as an infant and reflects on her body traversed by affections, fictions and years.
From a Spaceless Within
Dir. Matthew LaPaglia/ USA / 2021 / 20m
Compositing past and future, truth and fiction, From a Spaceless Within approaches the construction and dematerialization of the artist while asking where our intentions take root when we attempt to create anything at all.
a story that doesn’t have to do with me
Dir. Kymberly McDaniel/ USA / 2021
As I seek to connect with my partner about their research in bioarchaeology, a conversation emerges about survival and what is left behind after death.
My Crazy Boxers
Dir. Krissy Mahan/ USA / 2019 / 9m
Suicidal, or just a working class queer caught in the wrong underpants? Pixellated fragments slowly materialise in this powerful and distressing video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system.
One Magenta Afternoon
Dir. Vernon Jordan, III/ USA / 2021 / 8m
The lesson is love: when Pop Pop and his grandson, Les, play jazz, they summon six queer spirits and tumble through their memories.
Dir. Ryan Harman, Craig Hunter/ USA / 2021 / 8m
Two boyfriends wander beaches near New York City, finding shade under crude shelters they build with sheets, rubber bands, and materials (like driftwood) scavenged from the shore.



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