SQIFF 2018 Notes

Helen Wright, Patricia Silva and Krissy Mahan during the Q&A at SQIFF 2018
The World Premiere of Patricia Silva and my collaboration “All In A Day’s Work” showed at SQIFF in Glasgow on Friday, December 7, 2018 at the Center For Contemporary Art in Glasgow, as part of the Bodies and Borders shorts program. It was a success – the audience laughed at the right places, and the feedback from everyone was positive.
The program included: Being Okey, ABEO, My Shoreline, My Own Wings, Silva’s A Feeling More Than a Picture, and Barbara Hammer’s Evidentiary Bodies. I was so happy to have a movie at SQIFF, and to be able to see my queer feminist film family. The whole team there did a fabulous job of organizing, programming and actually having the festival. I respect and appreciate the work they do, and the whole team are brilliant artists and activists, as well.

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