Film Reviews, Interviews

“This Carol parody is a simple yet spectacular class analysis of the desire in Todd Haynes’ already iconic Carol, using DIY techniques and Fisher Price toys to recreate the modern queer classic.”

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest 2017, Krissy Mahan: CarolThe New Current. UK, November 2017

“…this one isn’t *shy.* Good luck with this, dykeumentary.”

— Carol screenwriter SQIFF Shorts: Defiant DykesGlasgow University Magazine. Scotland, October 2017

My Aunt Mame is a funny/sad dramatization of a woman’s childhood…told through Fisher-Price people in homemade sets.”

Telling Working Class Stories: Krissy Mahan, SQIFF Blog. Scotland, September, 2017

“A story touching on healthcare politics & culture.  This was beautiful.”

— 2017 Reviews, Planet 9 Film Festival. USA, September, 2017

Best Films of SQIFF,Curve Magazine. USA, August, 2017

LGBTQ Review (UK)

Live Interview with Krissy Mahan on London Live Television, August 2015

Appearances on Film

Des!re, Film, 2017
Director: Campbell X

When I Knew, TV Film, 2008.
Dir: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato

Academic Press

Traumatic Utopias: Holding Hope in Bridgforth’s love conjure/blues,” Alison Reed. Text and Performance Quarterly Volume 35(2-3)  July 2015

Queering the Countryside: New Frontiers in Rural Queer Studies, ed. Mary L. Gray, Colin R. Johnson, Brian J. Gilley. NYU Press, 2015 (pp 174-177)

On Children’s Literature and the (Im)Possibility of It Gets Better, ed. Merritt Mason. ESC: English Studies in Canada, Volume 38, Issue 3-4, September/December 2012. (pp. 91-95)

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, an Creating A Life Worth Living, ed. Dan Savage and Terry Miller. Dutton, 2011, pp. 71-73).

Published Essays

Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic: Art, Activism, Academia and the Austin Project, ed. Omi Osun Joni L Jones, Lisa L. Moore, and Sharon Bridgforth (University of Texas Press, 2010, pp.106-109).

That Takes Ovaries: Bold Females And Their Brazen Acts, ed. Rivka Solomon (Three Rivers Press, 2002, pp.152-153).