My Aunt Mame (early draft version)

“The shared joys and struggles of two butches through the generations in one family. Director Krissy Mahan is a working class daughter, artist, and professional handyman determined to create a world that is more fun for everyone. Mahan taught herself how to make movies in the early 1990s and hasn’t stopped amusing herself since. Over the past twenty years Mahan has developed a body of work exposing the absurdity of man-made barriers to human movement, happiness, and social access.”
Curve Magazine review.

2018 New York Feminist Film Week, Anthology Film Archives, NYC, USA
2017 Women Over 50 Film Festival, The Sallis Benney Theatre at the University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
2017 Leeds Queer Film Festival, Live Art Bistro, Leeds, UK
2017 Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK
2017 11th For Rainbow Festival of Sexual Diversity, Culture and Film, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
2017 Queer Bee Film Festival, various London venues, UK
2017 Gender Reel, various cities, USA

Review from GUM – Glasgow University Student Magazine
“My Aunt Mame’ is a short film conducted solely through Fischer-Price toys. Time is woven between various pasts and the present: the present is a woman sitting at her ailing mother’s bedside; the past experiences of growing up queer in the 1970s and 1980s. Mame exists solely in flashbacks as a forgotten lesbian aunt, ostracized from her family for being queer. Each visit marks a different holiday and a different girlfriend to introduce to the family. The film’s playfulness in its composition juxtaposes its seriousness in content, mirroring the director’s experience of caring for a family member while filming the piece.”