Faggotgirl Gets Busy In The Bathroom (2016)

Faggotgirl (my butch dyke super-hero action figure of myself) tours the bathrooms of Philadelphia’s Gayborhood., since the whole country’s got bathrooms on the brain. She finds that only 2 of 9 are wheelchair accessible.

Faggotgirl Gets Busy In The Bathroom, 4min, 2016

2018 An Unashamed Claim to Visibility: Short films at the intersection of queerness and dis/ability, Brighton, London, Glasgow, UK
2017 Glasgow Short Film Festival, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow, UK
2017 Oska Bright Film Festival, Leeds, UK
2017 Rise Stronger – Transgender Film Series, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2017 Leeds Queer Film Festival, Live Art Bistro, Leeds, UK
2016 Wotever DIY Film Festival, The Cinema Museum, London, UK (Commissioned)
2016 University College, London, UK