Krissy Mahan has been making movies using humor as a feminist tool for 25 years. Mahan’s movies address social issues such as accessibility, gender identity, mental health, immigration, and working class post-industrial cities. Mahan works in public elementary schools, and has recently screened at the 2019 New York Feminist Film Week, the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, London Fringe! Film Festival, London, UK; aGLIFF in Austin; the Toronto Queer Film Festival, Ontario, Canada; the Dyke Drama Film Fest in Perth, Australia, and Pembe Hayat / KUIR Pink Life QueerFest, Ankara, Turkey.  Other work is included in festivals/programs that focus on dis/Ability+queerness, and is shown in educational settings and at screenings in support of community groups.

Upcoming Screenings 2019

March 5-10, 2019 My parody of Carol opens the New York Feminist Film Week (NYC) on March 5, followed by the opening night film Shakedown.  This festival is held at Anthology Film Archives. On March 6, my friend the filmmaker CampbellX will be recognized in an evening dedicated to his film work. DES!RE  will shown. On Friday March 8,  Patricia Silva and my collaborative film, All In A Day’s Work, preceding the film Bixa Travesty/Tranny Fag.

March 21, 2019
Carol was selected for Queers In Shorts at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge, England.

March 23, 2019
Four Billion Reasons has been selected by the Leeds Queer Film Festival Here is a link to the full program.

April 5, 2019 I will be presenting some of my films (I haven’t decided which ones yet) at the 2019 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Conference
“Asking for a Friend (of Dorothy): What to Expect When You’re Expecting The End of the World”.

April 7, 2019
My Aunt Mame has been selected by the Wicked Queer Film Festival in Boston, Mass. Here’s the trailer.